Coffea Circulor

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GUSTATORY Coffea Circulor
GUSTATORY Coffea Circulor

Coffea Circulor Speciality Coffee Roasters

Since 2010, Coffea Circulor are helping coffee growers through their past work in the various branches of the UN and adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals. Their venture did not begin with roasting coffee, it started with field work in Kenya on coffee farms. Coffee growers shared their stories about the coffee trade and they wished to help.

Today, their multi-award winning roasting and research lab enriches people with better understanding of a product’s lifecycle and consequences of the choices made in the daily life. Coffea Circulor are constantly contributing to Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) events and conveying their story through competitions, judging and arranging national and international coffee events.

Coffea Circulor was born to inspire and set new standards because innovation is in our DNA which leads to perfection. Their coffees and stories enable every day consumers to make better and conscious choices, with a vision to have their established Transparent Trade, Transparent Pricing and Grading endorsed at all levels in the coffee value chain by the industry.

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