Mission Coffee Works

Brazil Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

Black & Redcurrant Cocoa Mixed Berries Prune & Plum
Dispatched from Mission Coffee Works
(earns 40 Taste Points)
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Our Brazilian decaf will satisfy your thirst for flavour, without having you jittering into the evening. You'll find mild blackcurrant acidity with a creamy body and a sweet finish of plum and chocolate.

The coffee beans have been through the Swiss Water Process - the caffeine was extracted without the use of any chemicals, instead, it has been removed by using water from the pristine environment of the mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

  • Flavours: Dark chocolate, caramel
  • Origin: Sul de Minas, Brazil
  • Farm: Different farmers 
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 900 - 1100 metres above sea level
Brightness of Flavours
Balanced & Pleasing
Creamy or Silky
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced