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BIRCHBACH Speciality Coffee Roasters

BIRCHBACH is a nano specialty coffee roastery based in Zurich, Switzerland; inspired by modern simplicity, fascinated by the little things in life and driven by the ideal of 'quality over quantity'. One person’s project with the intention of develop a coffee roastery that shares this ideal, roasting super-sweet high-quality coffee and telling you the story behind in a laid-back and unpretentious way. BIRCHBACH’s coffees showcase themselves in a clean, aromatic, super-sweet and friendly cup; not too complex to understand, nevertheless with distinctive flavours in it.

Just like any organic product, coffee has its own seasonality and tastes best when is fresh. This is why BIRCHBACH’s coffees are seasonally sourced in relation to the different harvest time of different countries. Beyond freshness there are also different qualities. Coffee is one of those products, which always finds its place in the market. Even the lowest-quality coffee finds its way to the consumer. BIRCHBACH’s coffees are carefully selected in order to offer you maximum sweetness; which in the coffee world, is one of those aspects directly related to an high-quality coffee. In order to preserve and even enhance the intrinsic qualities of each coffee, BIRCHBACH’s coffees are roasted gently thanks to specific roast techniques and profiles tailored for each of them.

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The coffee industry is in crisis. Informed purchases are needed

Issue: Coffee prices are in crisis, which threatens the very existence of many coffee producers, and so, the future of coffee globally.For more: GUSTATORY on Sky News Radio (Interview)
Our Answer: Informed purchasing of coffee from the independent coffee roasters available through GUSTATORY's coffee subscriptions are encouraged. Through direct-to-source relationships, roasters are able to protect their supply chains from the effects of price volatility as they form special relationships with producers. These relationships also protect producers as roasters often commit to fixed term and fixed price contracts, which give producers certainty. This certainty is what producers need in order to not only survive but thrive, committing to sustainable practices and addressing other global problems that are threatening the industry such as climate change.

Make their commitment your commitment. Support independent coffee roasters and you’ll be making a difference before you even have your first cup of coffee.