Sustainability Spotlight: Onloan

 Sustainability Spotlight: Onloan

Sustainability Spotlight Onloan Clothes Rental

One of our key principles at GUSTATORY has been to give brands that prioritise sustainability and ethics a platform to reach more audiences around the world. Whilst we are still very much on that mission (and will be for some time… we hope), we appreciate that we are not the only ones.

There are many brands on a quest to deliver sustainability so why not share the love and shine a light on some of those brands that are doing more.

Onloan - The Clothes Rental Subscription

So, who’s up first?

To start us off we’ve got Onloan who are fashion subscription brand that are on a mission to reduce waste, curate brilliant independent designers and reignite a love of clothes without the guilt. Their purpose is to inspire the exploration of personal style, without treating clothes as disposable, all while encouraging wardrobe freedom through self-expression, not playing by the rules, being individual and sustainability.

Onloan Fashion Subscription Brand

So, how does it work?

Its simple. You sign up to one of Onloans monthly packages, either 2 or 4 items, they send you it to you to enjoy for the duration of the month (or longer if you really love it) and then you return it them for someone else to enjoy. And so on…

Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can now gift an Onloan subscription to your nearest and dearest – the gift of sustainability.

But how is this all sustainable?

This is one of the many examples of a circular economy, which is where products are kept for as long as possible with the aim of extracting the maximum value from the product. In this case that value is you looking fab, as well as the next person and the next person and the person after that… You really can’t put a price on that (you can actually - £69 or £99 a month).

Rent Clothes For Wardrobe Freedom
How Onloan Works

As well as the concept being geared towards sustainability, so are all of Onloans partner brands. Heres a look at some of them:

    • Designers, Remix: As the name suggests, they are focused on making full use of already existing resources by redesigning, remixing and upcycling deadstock fabrics and garments;
    • House of Dagmar: These guys define sustainability around three pillars: Design, Ethics and Longevity. Their approach is to design classical, high-value items that they believe can be wearable year after year;
    • Mother of Pearl: Through a distinct focus on traceability, MoP have prioritised animal welfare, transparency, the environment and social responsibility in all that they do.

For more information on Onloan and the work they’re doing, visit

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GUSTATORY Curation TeamDecember 12, 2020